Video greeting: Learning to appreciate the value of forests

Robert Kamwendo, one of the participating farmers in our DAF project in Malawi, reports on his experiences in the second phase of the project.

Reforestation through Dynamic Agroforestry

Efforts to reforest are one of the pillars of our project in Malawi. In particular, our efforts focus on planting on currently remaining forest remnants along the Nantipwili River Valley. Since the start of the project, farmers participating in the project have therefore planted DAF plots on the edges of the remaining forests and converted farming from monoculture to dynamic agroforestry. These are continuously maintained by the farmers with the support of Naturefund and our partner organisation Renama. 

The value of trees in agriculture

In the meantime, the first seedlings have grown into trees. The farmers are learning more and more to appreciate the value of forests and trees in agriculture as well as the cultivation method of Dynamic Agroforestry, as it preserves the beautiful landscape of Malawi - at least that is what Robert Kamwendo, chairman of the farmers participating in our project, told us. Find out more in the video!

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