LUSH donates €5,000 for our Malawi project

All proceeds from the LUSH Charity Pot go directly to charitable projects. Now Naturefund can be happy about this great contribution.

LUSH Charity Pot

The cosmetics manufacturer LUSH has long anchored sustainability and fair conditions in its own processes. In addition, there is the Charity Pot, from which all proceeds go directly to projects with good causes.

Naturefund Malawi Project

At the beginning of the year, Naturefund can rejoice! From the Charity Pot, 5,000 € flow directly into our Malawi project.

In the south of Malawi, there are still the last remnants of rainforest with the rare bast palm. Here we are active together with Ecolodgy and are reforesting the forests.

At the same time, we want to support 20 families around the Nantipwili River Valley in using the dynamic agroforestry cultivation method. With the edible forests, the people learn about a completely new and sustainable form of agriculture.

Approved dynamic agroforestry

Successfully used for several years in Bolivia and Madagascar, dynamic agroforestry sustainably improves the situation of nature and people. Less land is needed, no chemicals are used and at the same time more space is created for nature.

Thanks to LUSH's support, our project is taking a leap forward! The €5,000 means over 800 new trees. We thank LUSH very much for their support.

Would you also like to support our project in Malawi? Then plant an tree!