Annual planting days in Malawi

In our project in Malawi there are annual tree planting days in cooperation with our partner Renew'N'Able. Not only are trees planted, but workshops on plant conservation and the Nafagaz stove are also held.

Malawi, the warm heart of Africa 

Did you know that Malawi is also called the warm heart of Africa? It's not because of the local temperatures, even though it gets up to 20 degrees even in the winter months of May to August. Instead, the term comes from the people of Malawi, who are considered to be particularly friendly and warm-hearted.

This is particularly noticeable in planting activities carried out as part of our project: In cooperation with our local partner Renew'N'Able, annual planting campaigns are initiated in the communities participating in the project, during which new trees are planted. It is not uncommon for people to take advantage of the opportunity and play music or hold a festival while doing so. The most recent one was in mid-February in Williams Village T/A Bvumbwe. During this planting event, 300 trees of various species were planted, including palm trees, which, along with baobabs, contribute to Malawi's magnificent scenery. 

A video shot during the so-called "Tree Planting Days" can be found here.

Workshops on plant science and nafagaz

In addition to planting the trees, the planting day also included workshops on Dynamic Agroforestry and proper plant care. This will ensure that the trees can be cared for and maintained in the long term. The Nafagaz digesters used in our project will also be presented to make them known in the villages and to offer people an alternative to the production of charcoal from plants. 

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