Wassertropfen regnen auf Pflanzensetzlinge nieder

Water for Burkina Faso

We asked Climate Sol, our local partner: Why is the water supply so important for the start of our project? Climate Farming expert Jörg Fingas answered:

In April, the daily maximum temperature in Ouagadougou is up to 42 degrees. Although there is sufficient rainfall in Burkina Faso, it is becoming more volatile due to climate change. Sometimes there is too much water, sometimes too little; droughts and floods alternate. Although there is more rain in the capital (about 790 mm) than in the southwest of Portugal (350-470 mm), it falls mainly from June to October. During the eight-month dry season from November to April, irrigation is absolutely necessary. Fortunately, groundwater is close to the surface, so - there is no shortage - provided you have a deep well!

Water is the prerequisite for food sovereignty

Water is the prerequisite for food sovereignty, for income from fruits and vegetables. The planned women's cooperative of Climatesol can cultivate all year round on the planned cultivation area of 5000 m², yields of 10-30 kg tomatoes per m² can be achieved. According to our calculations, the annual cost of living of at least 11 families can be covered (source: cost of living Burkina Faso capital). But even if the people produce less at the beginning, with time this value will be far exceeded. Of course, it is not planned to grow in monoculture, but the prices of onions, potatoes, cucumbers and peppers are similar (source e.g.: Numbeo.com)

The solar well is a starting point

Besides the fact that in solar well enables the cultivation of vegetables, it is the centerpiece for our planned reforestation activities together with Naturefund. Besides the cultivation with dynamic agroforestry, the area will become a training center for Climate Farming, the combination of Nafaga ovens, Nafasan sewage treatment plant and dynamic agroforestry! And a nursery and training center could be operated to grow the trees and companion plants needed for the dynamic agroforestry projects.

In order to initiate a healthy circular economy, there always needs to be a starting point - and as is so often the case, that starting point lies in the water supply. 

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