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Training center for Burkina Faso

In order to familiarize the people in Burkina Faso with the innovative cultivation method of Dynamic Agroforestry, Naturefund is building a training center on site.

Naturefund starts the project in Burkina Faso with a great vision. Together with our partner Climate Sol, we want to contribute to the creation of a local economic cycle by introducing the people living there to the sustainable cultivation method of Dynamic Agroforestry in order to improve the food situation and at the same time contribute to the fight against climate change.

To achieve this goal, Naturefund has secured 16,000 m² of farmland near the capital Ouagadougou as a first step. Now a training center is to be built here, equipped with classrooms and meeting rooms as well as overnight accommodation. With an initial 30 interested people, courses in dynamic agroforestry will then be held, in which the principles of the cultivation method will be explained and demonstrated to them. In order to provide practical training in dynamic agroforestry, the farmland will be divided into 30 individual plots on which the principles can be directly applied. Initially, the courses will focus more on farmers in the region, so that they can implement the innovative cultivation method on their fields themselves.

In addition, a farm building is to be constructed, into which a cold store, a solar drying system and a seed press will be integrated. Due to the tropical alternating climate, crops such as tomatoes can produce good yields in the rainy season, but these cannot cover the demand in the dry season, when fruits and vegetables are scarce. Thanks to the farm building, surplus tomatoes, for example, can be dried or processed into tomato polpa, thus ensuring food supply even during the dry season. As a first step, Naturefund would like to build a solar well to secure the water supply for the farmland and the local people. Please help us with this.

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