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Naturefund buys land and reforests worldwide. Become part of this vision and support our conservation projects! Maybe we have a project on your doorstep or you come up with something?

 Our projects

Naturefund is always collecting donations for one land purchase project in Germany and a reforestation project worldwide. In addition, we usually sponsor two to three other projects that either continue to run after previous fundraisers or are the next major project on the waiting list. You are welcome to support one of these projects or to initiate your own project. For both variants we provide you with extensive information and marketing materials.

Your own project

You can design your own protection project with Naturefund from 10,000 EUR. This can be, for example, the purchase and restoration of an biotop in your area or the afforestation of a rare tree in your surrounding forests.

You receive:

  • An own protection project on site;
  • A nature conservation event, e.g. reforestation event;
  • Joint public relations, online and offline;
  • Interactive tools for your website and online communication;
  • Help with internal communication.

The purchase of natural habitats is one of the most effective ways to preserve natural paradises. This protective measure can also be easily communicated and quickly creates identification with the people. At your request, we also plan and design a regional reforestation project with you. Maybe you own land or have contacts with forest owners in the region?

Naturefund international awards

Among others with the Energy Globe Awards and the UN Decade of Biodiversity

More on Awards

Transparent civil society

Naturefund follows the voluntary commitment of the "Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft" (ITZ) and publishes important figures and data on charitable work and the use of subsidies. All information can be found on our page Transparency.

Auditors and tax office confirm integrity

Successful examination of Naturefund by auditors: The association uses the donations properly for nature conservation projects. Also, the tax office certifies Naturefund its charitable.


Katja Wiese,     Managing Director

Phone: +49 611 504 581 019