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With LUSH’s generosity: 4,000 square metres for nature

Naturefund, together with the British natural cosmetic company LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, saves 4,000 square metres of wet meadow in Dieburg, Germany. On 5th May 2011, Tanja Umbach, from LUSH, handed over the profits of the ‘Charity Pot’ campaign to Katja Wiese, from Naturefund, with a symbolic cheque for over 10,000 €.

Charity Pot’ campaign helps to protect nature

As part of the ‘Charity Pot’ campaign, LUSH is selling a hand and body lotion nationwide in Germany. The profits of the lotion (minus VAT) go directly into a donation fund, which will be used to support various projects worldwide. Between 15th February and 4th March 2011, 10,000 € were raised.

Naturefund will receive those 10,000 € for the ‘Hehneswiesen’ land purchase project that is already ongoing, and can thus protect 4,000 square metres of wet meadow for nature.

Habitat  for white Storks, Curlews and many other species

The Hehneswiesen was originally a vast wet meadow in South Hesse, covering around 470,000 square metres. White Storks, Curlews and many other species found their habitat there. Extensive drainage left the meadows dry and the diversity of species disappeared.

Due to interventions by nature conservation groups, part of the Hehneswiesen remains. As a result, the rare Large Pink flower has survived and the endangered Dusky Large Blue (a rare type of butterfly) can be seen from time to time around the Hehneswiesen.

Unique chance to protect an important part

Naturefund was given the unique chance to protect an important part of the Hehneswiesen for nature. The 4,000 square metres, which with LUSH’s involvement can now be protected, belong to a large area of 12,565 square metres. This area plays a central role, as there are two drains there:

“As soon as we have purchased this area of land, we can extend the waterlogging of the Hehneswiesen and turn the whole 470,000 square metres back into a wet biotope” explains Katja Wiese, Managing Director of Naturefund. More than half of the meadow is already protected.

LUSH employees are enthusiastic

LUSH employees are enthusiastic: “We really like Naturefund’s way of working. The organisation acts as a go-between for small, local organisations that want to implement nature conservation plans, and the general public or funders. We think this commitment is great!” says Tanja Umbach, from LUSH.

For the around 6,000 remaining square metres, further donors will be sought. If you would like to take part in the current conservation project, you can make a direct donation through the Naturefund website.

With just 5 €, 2 square metres can be protected: www.naturefund.de/nature

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