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The tropical rainforest of Honduras

The term 'tropical rainforest' describes the indeciduous forest in the tropical region of the world within 10° latitude north and south. Aside from tropical rainforests there are also rainforests at more moderate latitudes.

Detail: Rainforest in Honduras

The tropical rainforest

With its variety of plants and animals, the tropical rainforest forms a complex ecosystem. Due to the adaptability of many species, certain disruptions can be off-set. However, significant interference in the rainforest is leading to a collapse of its ecosystem, and as a result to the extinction of some species. Up until the 1980s, forests covering vast areas could be found in this region. Today, over 40% of the forest in the National Park are destroyed as a result of illegal logging and clearing. Together with the local people of the Patuca National Park, Naturefund aims to prevent further deforestation and the extinction of species in the park. Get involved and plant trees with us in the rainforest! Plant trees now! More about the jaguar and other speciesMore about planting trees in the rainforest

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