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The riparian forests of Nicaragua

On the banks of the rivers and streams of Nicaragua a very special forest grows, where the trees have a supply of water even during the dry season. These trees keep their leaves the whole year round. Riparian forests regulate the quality of the water and provide habitat for many species.

Detail: Tropical dry forest of Nicaragua

Rivers provide forests with water

Riparian forests save rainwater and thus make a big contribution to the preservation of water resources. The tree roots consolidate the riverbanks, prevent soil erosion, regulate the water temperature and facilitate the settlement of many water creatures, above all fish.

Biological corridors for the migration of the species

Distinctive tree types of Riparian forests are wild figs, Guava, Wild Cashew, Guapinol and Guacimo. These trees form habitats for a rich animal world full of insects, water creatures, birds and reptiles. As they appear along water lines, in many cases they function as biological corridors, which make the migration of many isolated animal and plant species much easier. Join us and help us to buy more land for nature! To our current projectMore about the JaguarundiMore about the tropical dry forest

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