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The Pied Avocet

The pied avocet with its black and white plumage and long curved beak counts among the most striking wading birds. Fortunately, its population numbers have increased lately thanks to the successful protection of its habitat. 

Detail: Kirr island

The pied avocet

Pied avocets are food specialists. They depend on the salty water of the estuary. A pied avocet ploughs the uppermost sludge layers by moving its beak like a pendulum while wading quickly through the mud. The islands of Kirr and Oie foster more than 100 breeding pairs, which is about 84% of the whole breeding stock in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. Join us and help us to buy more land for nature! To our current projectMore about the Vorpommerische BoddenlandschaftMore about coastal birds and saltmarsh grasslands

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