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The Jaguar & other species

The natual biodiversity of the Patuca National Park in Honduras is astounding. Wildlife and plant species from both North and South Ameria intermingle here. Birds and butterflies use the corridor of rainforest for migration, jag

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The Jaguar & other species

The Patuca National Park is part of the ‘Mesoamerican Biological Corridor’, a network of forests and conservation areas that stretch from Panama to South Mexico. In this area, North American and South American flora and fauna meet: Conifer forests border rainforest and the Puma meets the Jaguar. The Patuca National Park plays avery important role as its abundant ecosystems provide an essential contribution to the protection of the unique variety of species in Central America. Help to protect habitat for the Jaguar and other species, and plant trees with us! Plant trees now! More about the tropical rainforestMore about planting trees in the rainforest

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