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The Hehnes meadows

The Hehnes meadows used to cover approximately 40 hectares of land in the south of Hesse. Occasional floodings and a high level of groundwater created a special biotope for a large variety of species. 

Detail: Hehnes meadows

The Hehnes meadows

The Hehnes Meadows were previously a wet meadow, boasting White Storks, Whinchats, Western Curlews and several areas where Lapwings could find sustenance and breed. As a result of extensive drainage systems, the meadows dried up and the great variety of species disappeared. The 12,565 square metres that Naturefund would like to buy together with the local Dieburg branch of NABU, form the last missing section needed in order to turn a large part of the land back into a wet meadow. Join us and help us to buy more land for nature! To our current projectMore about the Large Blue butterflyMore about the flower Large Pink

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