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Dear All, Do you have a minute of time for Nature? We need your help for an online vote:

With the current wetland protection project in Germany, the nature conservation organisation Naturefund is taking part in an online competition. If we collect enough votes by 31st May 2011 and finish in the top 10 projects (of 81), we will receive 5,000 EUR for the purchase of 2,000 square metres of wetland. In just a few days we have gone from 64th to 16th place, but we still need more votes. If you are willing and you have a minute to spare, please vote for us. The form is in German but you only need to click on the Button (in German) "Für dieses Projekt stimmen >" and enter your name (in German "Vorname" and "Name") and your email address (E-Mail-Adresse). Your personal data will only be used for the purposes of this online competition.

To vote: http://www.tesa.de/consumer/zeichen_kleben/schutz-feuchtgebiet,2033304.html

It would be wonderful if you could forward this email to as many people as possible, who are also interested in taking action for nature.

Best wishes from the Naturefund team

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