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Share of green electricity in the electricity mix is rising

In October 2017, the green electricity share reached a new record high. Never before has more green electricity been generated in Germany in one month.

Share is rising and rising

In October 2017, the autumn storms were responsible for the new record. Ironically, as climate change favors weather extremes and thus also drives wind turbines more.

However, new facilities are helping to keep the proportion rising over the year. An overview of the development of the energy mix can be found here:

Infographic "The German Electricity Mix 2007 - 2016": Electricity Report
45% by 2025

The goal from Germany of covering at least 45% of the energy mix through renewable energy by 2025, that seems pure formality, according to analysts on the energy transition.

Maybe now would be a good starting point to push the targets further up.

Climate goals more in the focus

When it comes to green electricity, we're on the right track in Germany. Now it is also important to go in the right direction when it comes to climate protection and finally to create a turnaround in emissions.

The importance of ecosystems in the climate protection mix must also come more into the focus. Because this does not just compensate CO2. If nature gets more space and protection, then problems for our future generations will be addressed, such as insect killing.

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