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Replanting old fruit varieties

Would you have known that? Today, there are still about 3,000 different fruit varieties in German orchards - an immense diversity of species! But of numerous old fruit varieties that are often only locally widespread, there are often only a few trees left.

And even these are in danger of disappearing, many of the old varieties planted in the past have now reached their lifespan of around 80 to 100 years. In the coming years, these will gradually decay. If no new trees are replanted, the very rare and old varieties will thus disappear from our landscape. However, letting the trees in the orchards die out is not an option, as this would mean the disappearance of an important habitat for numerous animal and plant species. Therefore, we constantly replant new tree seedlings of old varieties. 

Planting old varieties in winter 2020
In order to avoid wasting valuable time, we have already replanted 55 trees of different species and old varieties in orchards around Wiesbaden in the last winter half-year 2020/2021. These include apple trees such as the Kloppenheimer Streifling, the Heuchelheimer Schneeapfel or the Metzrenette, plum varieties such as the Bühler Frühzwetschge, Hauszwetschge, Katinka Zwetschge or the Opal plum variety, cherries such as the Red May Cherry, Morellenfeuer, Werdersche Braune or Heimanns Rubin.

But that was not all! There were also pears such as the Julibirne, the Köstliche von Charneux, the Gute Luise or the Petersbirne, peaches such as the Roter Ingelheimer Pfirsich or the Müllers Goldpfirsich, apricots such as the Heidesheimer Frühaprikose or the Mombacher Frühaprikose, Mirabelles such as the Mirabelle from Nancy and the Mirabelle from Metz, plums such as the Rheingold plum and also quinces, including the Konstantinopler quince variety, find a home in our orchard meadows and help to maintain the biodiversity of our native flora.

Since in the coming years an increased decay of the still existing trees is to be expected, we now want to replant even more seedlings of the old varieties and maintain the biodiversity of the fruit varieties. For this we need your support!

Help us to preserve the unique diversity of old fruit varieties.

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