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Ponds for Lapwing and Co.

Ponds are natural points where water accumulates, that have varying levels of water. Due to the combination of dry, wet and muddy areas, important habitats are formed for amphibians, insects and above all for many species of bird.

Detail: Lapwing meadow

Diverse offer of food and breeding places

Here, lapwings, Black-tailed Godwits and Gallinagos find a diverse offer of food, and also breeding and nesting places. Next to this White Storks and Grey Herons peck for food in the muddy ground. Fish use flood channels as a place to leave their young and also to look for food. Through extensive management, wet meadows that are full of different species are being established in the areas surrounding flood channels. Join us and help us to buy more land for nature! To our current projectMore about the LapwingMore about wet meadow biotopes

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