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Planting trees in the rainforest

The Patuca National Park in Honduras provides habitat for a host of wildlife and plant species. However, illegal logging is threatening the rainforest! In order to prevent the extinction of plants and animal alike, Naturefund started a reforestation project in the rainforest.

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Planting trees in the rainforest

The Patuca National Park provides habitat for 174 bird species, 37 types of reptile, 50 types of medicinal plant, 35 species of fish and 66 mammal species. Even within the confines of the National Park, trees are being felled. The destruction of tropical rainforests is one of the main reasons for species becoming extinct around the world. In order to prevent this from happening in the Patuca National Park, Naturefund, together with the Asociación Patuca and local residents, has created over 100 tree nurseries where thousands of seedlings will be grown each year. Help this campaign and plant trees with us in the rainforest! Plant trees now! More about the tropical rainforestMore about the jaguar and other species

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