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Old fruit tree types

Older fruit types provoke considerably fewer allergic reactions and contain many different substances that promote health. Home-pressed apple juice from old fruit types is particularly delicious.

Old fruit types

Various studies by universities and colleges demonstrate the importance of these old types. Thus different ingredients (antioxidants, polyphenols) play a key role and can be gained from plants as colouring or flavouring. Studies show that these plant substances can be found to be up to a third higher in old grape and fruit types than their conventional counterparts. Newer strains only show small amounts of polyphenols, since these were mostly bred out due to the bitter taste and the rapid bruising after the apple is initially cut open. In terms of the antioxidants measured (free radical scavengers), old apple types reach the levels for red wine without any difficulty. Furthermore, old apple types are better tolerated by people with allergies. These include apples such as the Gold Parmaene apple (originating in France in around 1500), the Freiherr von Berlepsch (cultivated in 1880) or the Gravensteiner apple (popular since 1669). Report with information on apple juice and old fruit types, Metz & Kössler 2012Protect land for nature directlyThe European green woodpeckerFruit orchard maintenanceBasic data: fruit orchard

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