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Norway sets on electric cars

2025 already, new cars only with an electric engine are to going to be approved in Norway. This is the goal the Scandinavian country has set for the future. Electric car drivers are already now enjoying many benefits.

Negative Effects of Climate Change

In media you often hear about the negative consequences Climate Change has, especially the changing weather conditions, that cause heat waves, heavy rain and thawing glaciers. Although these consequences are very serious, there are actually some good news too.

Electric cars in Norway

In the last few years Norway is making the electrical mobility really attractive and is giving electric car users a lot more rights. For example they do not have to pay vehicle and sales taxes. Or charging at public charging stations is free. Also electric car users are sometimes allowed to drive on the bus lane. These benefits are supposed to change the drivers minds. And indeed: 18% of all new car registrations in Norway were electric cars.
Even though Norway already is the country with the greatest density of electric cars, it is not enough. The big goal is to switch completely to renewable energy.

Economically reasonable?

Until now neither society nor industry objected to the law. In addition, it seems as if the 4 largest parties of the country are voting for the introduction of this law.
What makes e-mobility way easier for Norway of course is that there is no car industry in the country, so for the economy, there are no disadvantages that could lead to protests.

Norway is not alone

The aims of Norway have gotten a lot of attention worldwide and now the Netherlands and India want to imitate the Scandinavians.
Until 2025 the Netherlands wants to give only cars with electric motors a new car registration. India, however, is getting to the fullest: in 2030 the country wants to have an E-share of 100%.

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