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Naturefund receives great results from auditors

October 2012, Naturefund asked certified accountants to audit the organisation. It was our goal to show that we work with integrity and only use a reasonable percentage of donations for administration. The results of the audit certify the respectability of our work.

Naturefund uses donations according to by-law guidelines

The accountants reviewed the balances and book-keeping of Naturefund. Accounting records and payment documents were checked at random. It was found that Naturefund uses incoming donations exclusively according to the guidelines of by-laws. Over 80 % of donations go to the projects The accountants also examined the percentage of donations paying for the administration of Naturefund. It was found that only 20% of donations for projects were used for Naturefund's administration. The results of the audit are a great success for Naturefund. They are an offical acknowledgement of the integrity of our work! We are happy to provide you with further information of the auditors' results. Contact us! Contact NaturefundOur vision

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