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Island Kirr in focus

Our project on the island of Kirr was already secured in 2012 and further square meters of land were added in 2016 to our protection area.

New canoe

What is flying and how many? Ecological monitoring, as well as area controls, is one of the regular tasks of rangers. In the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park you can do this on foot, by bike and now by canoe.

Silent watching

Islands such as the Kirr are valuable breeding and resting areas for shorebirds. They are especially in the focus of the National Park Guard. Not easy to keep track of. "Here, the nature conservation organization Naturefund e. V. helped with her Kirr project. With their support, we were able to purchase a canoe, binoculars and spotting scope. That was urgently needed for the area control", says Ranger Jens Bassek, pleased about the new equipment. Silently, the Rangers can now cross the Zingster stream to observe nature and control the reserve. In order to keep an eye on the 370 hectares of island area, the new observation optics help. Thus, not only the development of the protected area is well documented, but also provides the guests with guided tours an insight into the island bird life. Observing without disturbing, is the principle in the National Park for all nature lovers, whether rangers or visitors.

Lots of land sustainably secured!

For 14 years the organization Naturefund e. V. buys land for nature conservation and helps in many regions of Germany and the world. Also, the National Park Office supported the club repeatedly to buy national park areas on the island of Kirr. In the last 5 years nearly 11 ha of island land changed owners. Overall, 74.5% of the island is now in public hands. Thus, this flat green lagoon island with its habitat diversity, the salt grass meadows and breeding grounds of the shorebirds is protected: with best working conditions for Rangers and land purchase for avocets and Co.

Protect Nature

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