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High altitude agroforestry

Naturefund is supported by Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to continue the reforestation project in Bolivia. About 50 new plots will be installed.

We will plant trees over 3.500 masl

The communities that will be part of the project are located inside the Pairumani Ecoturism Park. This park belongs to Pairumani´s Model Agroecological Farm in Bolivia which works with livestock and agriculture following the "living organisms" approach. Dynamic agroforestry plots will be installed at more than 3,500 m.a.s.l. so their characteristics are different from those plots that will be installed at lower altitudes. Villagers raise goats, llamas and sheep therefore the project will have to take into account their role in dynamic agroforestry.

Caspicancha – one of the target communities

We visited the community of Caspicancha where a total of 6 plots will be installed.  The main crop is potato destined primarily for family consumption. Although, in the community there are only a few trees, villagers respect the natural regeneration. There are also some apple trees planted five years ago. This vegetation and the villagers´ enthusiasm are signs of a promising future. More about the project

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