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EURid compensates its CO2 emissions in conjunction with FAPAS

During the month of December 2014, EURid together with Naturefund teamed up with the Spanish non-profit organisation FAPAS, known for its numerous activities relating to nature conservation, in order to cap its CO2 emissions.

Contribution towards climate protection

Through the program ‘+BEARS -CO2’ EURid successfully became carbon neutral  ... really, climate neutral is a big word - maybe better: made its contribution towards climate protection … while also helping to protect the European brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos) located in the Cantabrian mountains, Spain.  ‘We have a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, this is just one of the many ways in which we try and demonstrate our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint’ commented EURid General Manager Marc Van Wesemael. A total of 320 fruit trees (they made up for ca. 5 tonnes of Carbon every year in … ca.20 years) were planted in Proaza, Asturias, contributing to increased biodiversity in the region, home to the beloved species. This project was organized the third year in a row by Naturefund. Katja Wiese, director of Naturefund: “I am really happy about this ongoing cooperation with EURid and the possibility to plant trees in different places with different partners in Europe. Thus, we not only do our share to climate protection but also  strengthen the European network of cimate activists.” To learn more about EURid’s work in promoting a greener world please contact info@eurid.eu

Protect Nature

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