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Coastal birds and saltmarsh grassland

Kirr island is an official bird protection zone, due to the island's unique importance as breeding place for coastal birds. 23 kinds of coastal birds breed here. Among them is the rare Redshank - of which 140 breeding pairs live on Kirr island.

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Coastal birds and saltmarsh grassland

Refuges like Kirr island are breeding sites which are preferred by shorebirds like Common Redshank, Bank Snipe, Pied Avocet, Oystercatcher, Peewit etc.

A large colony of black-headed gulls has also settled on the island. Being a breeding site of coastal birds, the island has become an official bird protection zone in 1972 and a zone of care and development within the national park in 1990.

High water regularly floods the island almost completely, nourishing the plants of the saltmarsh grassland with valuable minerals. Through tideways most of the water drains or creates numerous ponds with a multitude of microorganisms.

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