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Climate change advances construction of solar parks

In Morocco the biggest solar complex worldwide is being built. This brings advantages for the country as well as the nature conservation, as the sun is used as a natural and environmentally friendly energy supplier.

Negative consequences of climate change

In the media, predominantly the negative impact of the climate change is mentioned. It is mostly talked about the changing weather, which leads to heatwaves, intense rain and dying glaciers. These consequences are grave and need to be adressed, however also positive developments occur durring the climate change.

Morocco as ideal location for solar power

An example is the Morocco, which fosters its natural ressources very well. With an average of eight hours of sun per day and only a few rain days a year, Morocco is a popular vacation destination. The country only has a small amount of oil and gas resources, which makes it dependent on energy imports. The Moroccan government now decided to promote renewable energy to minimize this dependence. This is not only important for the country itself, but also for the nature, as CO2 emissions are reduced.

Solar park “Noor“ provides households with clean electricity

The biggest solar park worlwide is being built near the Sahara Desert, as it is one of the places with the highest insolation in Morocco. The solar complex named “Noor“ (arabian for “light“) consists of four indvidual solar parks. One of them is finished and provides already approximately 350.000 people with electricity. After the expected completion in 2018, the solar complex is said to provide about one million households with electricity. Thus it will be possible for Morocco till 2020 to cover 42% of the ernergy required with renewable energy. The solar park “Noor“ will already minimize the CO2 emissions of Morocco by 240.000t per year.

Future of solar electricity

Such solar parks can produce an enormous amount of solar electricity, which limits the use of coal-fired and nuclear power stations. Morocco uses its natural resource of sunlight to full capacity and is a pioneer in this field. With all its attention, the climate change also helps to promote positive changes, like the changeover to sustainable energy sources.  

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