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Basic data: Rainforest in Honduras

Naturefund together with the Asociacion Patuca wants to protect the rainforest in the Patuca National Park. In the year 2007, we began to replant cleared areas. This co-operation is collaborative and works well, thus in 2009 we began a comprehensive reforestation and protection concept for the entire National Park, which involves the development of an area of 3,776 square kilometers. Below you can find further information on this project.

Location The National Park is located in the southeast of Honduras, on the border with Nicaragua.

The Patuca National Park covers an area of 3,776 square kilometres. Around 60 percent of this is undisturbed rainforest. However 40 percent of the National Park is either damaged or completely destroyed. The shared goal of Naturefund and the Asociacion Patuca is to ensure long-term forest management for the entire national park and the next step is to plant 50,000 trees.

Wildlife Jaguars, Giant Anteaters, Margays, Toucans and many others.

Flora Caoba (mahogany), Cedro (cedar), Ceiba, Laurel, Guanacaste, Mangoes, Avocados, Mazica, Guapino and many others.

Special characteristics The rainforest which in earlier times covered a large part of Central America has been largely destroyed over the last few centuries leaving very little remaining. One last large forest area which encompasses the Patuca National Park and covers approximately 10,000 square kilometres remains standing.

Partner Our project partner is the Asociacion Patuca, a not-for-profit nature conservation organisation from Honduras. They manage and protect the national park on behalf of the government of Honduras.

Concept for protection
With the help of reforestation, the existing rainforest is being protected and cleared areas are being replanted. At the same time, fruit trees are being planted which offers a new source of food as well as new financial possibilities. Through close co-operation with local people we also try to promote a new understanding of the importance of the rainforest. Help to protect habitat for the Jaguar and other species, and plant trees with us! Plant trees now! More about the tropical rainforestMore about the jaguar and other speciesMore about planting trees in the rainforest

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