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Basic data: Floodplain near the Sulzbach

Naturefund and the Hessian Society for Ornithology and Nature Conservation have bought 287 square metres of land near the river Sulzbach in Frankfurt-Sossenheim with the intention of converting it into a small floodplain.

Location Frankfurt am Main, Hesse; Size 297 square meters; Fauna Blackcap, Great Tit, Sand Lizard; Flora Willow, Hazelnut, Lilium; Special features The 297 square meters of land are about 50 meters long and almost six meters wide. It is situated along a narrow tarmac path. To the north-west and south-east of the land there are extensively cultivated areas with old high-stemmed fruit trees. These are predominantly apple, pear, cherry and plum trees, partially surrounded by blackberry and elderberry bushes. History In the winter of 2006, Naturefund together with HGON wanted to buy and protect an oak forest near Frankfurt am Main. This little oak forest was in the middle of a densely populated region and directly on the border of the Enkheimer Ried nature reserve, which lies on the former course of the river Main.

Despite having consented to buy the land from the owner, whom we know, we found out in the summer 2010 that there were other land owners in the area without whose approval the purchase would not come into effect.

After we tried in vain to track down the other land owners, we decided to look for a new piece of land nearby, which we could also buy and protect for nature, in the beginning of 2011.

With the purchase of the plot in Sossenheim near the river Sulzbach we had now found a similar sized piece of land. The 870 Euros in donations collected for the oak forest will now be used for the purchase and renaturation of the land near the river Sulzbach, which is almost 300 square metres in size. Partner The Hessian Society for Ornithology and Nature Conservation (HGON) will become the owners of the land. They will implement the renaturation of the land as well as providing care for it in the long term. Management concept The future layout will retain a section of mesh wire fence, which now surrounds the whole land, but only along the area of the path to prevent the land from being used by people walking their dogs. The fence on the south eastern border of the land will be completely removed in order to allow easier access for the wildlife to the banks of the river Sulzbach. Join us and help us to buy more land for nature! To our current projectMore about the floodplainMore about the sand lizard

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