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A rare tree for the members of the European Parliament

A rare tree for the members of the European Parliament to celebrate the launch of the  EMAS registration by EURid. EURid, the registry manager of the .eu top level domain under appointment by the European Commission, sponsors 500 rare Service Trees for a forest in the north of Hesse.

The rare Service Tree will be planted

The Service Tree is a tree known by few. Katja Wiese from Naturefund, who will reforest just this rare, ecologically significant tree with the support of the .eu top level domain registry manager, EURid, in Calden (north of Hesse), hopes to change this fact. In the past, the Service Tree used to be appreciated and coveted as a valuable timber. Today, however, the tree, with its less than 1% occurence, belongs to the rarest types of trees in Germany. The medium-sized, slow growing tree that needs sun and warmth became unattractive to the forest industry and in the course of centuries it got replaced by beech and spruce.

An important host plant for many butterfly larva

But the Service Tree does not only resist long dry periods and storms with its solid roots in the summer, it is also ecologically valuable for numerous species. Its blossoms in May and June provide nourishment and habitat for many insects. In autumn, its apple-shaped, reddish little berries offer nutricious food for birds and small mammals. The Service Tree is also an important host plant for many butterfly larvae, such as the pale eggar. This huge ecological importance was incentive for Naturefund to give this special tree a chance for survival. A phone call from EURid at the beginning of the year proved a lucky coincidence. EURid was completing the process to become the first European registry manager to obtain the EMAS registration.

EURid celebrates the EMAS registration

The EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is a management tool for companies and other organisations to evaluate, report and improve their environmental performance. EURid was on the look-out for a meaningful reforestation project in Europe to celebrate the EMAS registration and presented the reforestation initiative during a launch event held at the European Parliament premises in Strasbourg last Spring. When Katja Wiese from Naturefund told EURid's head of External Relations, Giovanni Seppia, about the rare Service Tree, he was all for it. 

One goal is the conservation of biodiversity

A suitable location was quickly found: The communal forest of Calden, a town north of Cassel, has been cultivated for the past 20 years as a permanent forest on the basis of natural forestry management. Beside the use of wood, one of the most important goals with this method of cultivation is the conservation of biodiversity. As of yet, the forest's look is dominated by beech trees, but in early November the first 500 Service Trees will be planted. The reforestation project, however, does much more than just re-establish an ecologically and economically valuable tree: The 4.500 m² area of reforestation, which borders the speciose calcareous low-nutrient meadows, rows of hedges and forest, constitutes also an important link between forest and open land.

We have a global responsibility for these species

In the future, a  translucent forest, centering around Service Trees, will provide a habitat for numerous species, such as the common European viper, mistle thrush and sand lizard. „We have a global responsibility for these species,“ says Giovanni Seppia. „The .eu domain names are symbolic for the virtual as well as the real connection of Europe. Hence, I believe it's a beautiful sign that we contribute to conserve the natural biodiversity around us.“ The planting of 500 Service Trees will take place 2. November, 2012. It's the first joined project of EURid and Naturefund, more shall follow.  To the press fotos (in German): www.naturefund.de/pressefotos Press contact Naturefund
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