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A meadow in a Hessian city

Naturefund, together with HGON have purchased 297 square meters of land next to the river Sulzbach in Frankfurt - Sossenheim with the intention of converting the land into a small meadow.

The meadow

The land that Naturefund, together with HGON has bought is situated in a district of Frankfurt am Main next to the river Sulzbach. With a little luck and the cooperation from some neighbours a small meadow will grow here.

The 297 square meters of land is about 50 meters long and almost six meters wide and is situated along a narrow tarmac path. To the north-west and south-east of the land there are extensively cultivated areas with old high-stemmed fruit trees. These are predominantly apple, pear, cherry and plum trees, partially surrounded by blackberry and elderberry bushes. To the north-east of the land, the river Sulzbach flows for a distance of around 16 meters, and the south-west borders the city limits of Sossenheim.

Meadows consist of small groves that flank a body of water, for example willow groves, rowan berry bushes, black elder, willow and ash trees. Around ten percent of Germany was once covered with natural meadows and riparian forests, today this is only two percent.

Eighty percent of all riparian forests have been drained

Two thirds of all German plant communities occur in riparian forests. However, during the last centuries around eighty percent of the riparian forests in Germany have been cleared and drained.

Despite these profound changes the existing meadows are still important spaces for the survival of endangered species and for migratory animals such as birds, bats and roaming insects that use these areas as resting places on their travels.


The Hessian Society for Ornithology and Nature Conservation (HGNO) will become the owners of the land. They will implement the renaturation of the land as well as providing care for it in the long term.

Support concept

The future layout will retain a section of mesh wire fence which now surrounds the whole land but only along the area of the path to prevent the area from being used by people walking their dogs. The fence on the south eastern border of the land will be completely removed in order to allow easier access for a variety of animal life to the banks of the river Sulzbachs. Read next: A contract and many ideas for the rain forest Join us and help us to buy more land for nature! To our current project

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