Our Team

The team consists of our office staff and our field staff.

Katja Wiese, Managing Director

Katja Wiese brings the Naturefund network together in order to buy and protect habitat for nature through a combined effort.


Tel.: +49 611 504 581 019

Falk Berger, IT Project Manager

Falk Berger

Falk Berger designs and brings to life the key feature of Naturefund's work, the website, thereby creating the possibility of supporting worldwide conservation projects.


Tel.: +49 611 504 581 012

Maren Meyer, Head of Marketing

Maren Meyer structures, organizes and conceptualizes Naturefund activities as a marketing generalist. Together with our team she wants to inspire more people for this beautiful nature with strategy, plan and execution.


Tel.: +49 611 504 581 015

Andrea Buchner, Accounting

Numbers Management

Andrea Buchner has been working with numbers for a long time. At Naturefund she can combine these talents with her passion and commitment for nature. 


Tel.: +49 611 504 581 018

David Schäfer, Project Management and Outdoor Team Leader

David Schäfer has been passionate about permaculture and sustainable land use since 2011 and takes care of the own and external dynamic agroforestry projects in Germany, the orchards and the holistic pasture management with the team. He also has a passion for filming and photography and accompanies the projects in a documentary way.


Tel.: +49 151 565 706 24

Martin Unfricht, Biotope conservation and project work

Martin Unfricht loves and cares for the orchards around Wiesbaden with their diversity. He is enthusiastic about regenerative agriculture, supervises the Dynamic Agroforestry Projects near Wiesbaden and the Holistic Pasture Management Project with the cow herd near Wiesbaden-Breckenheim.


Tel.: +49 160 8128380

Hannah Fröb, Trainee

Hannah is studying geography and environmental management and has become increasingly enthusiastic about regenerative land use in recent years. As an intern, she supports Naturefund at the interface between the office and the outdoor team - she is involved in both the dynamic agroforestry plots and the holistic pasture management and supports the projects in terms of organisation and planning.

Ramia Abo Ayoun Alsoud, Trainee

Ramia is a trainee in the Wiesbaden office. She supports the indoor team with various tasks with a lot of fun and motivation. She loves spending time with her family outdoors in nature.

Direct partners in other countries

Noemi Stadler-Kaulich, Dynamic Agroforestry Expert

Noemi Stadler-Kaulich
Noemi Stadler-Kaulich
Photo: Noemi Stadler-Kaulich

Already 1978 Noemi had the dream to reforest the bare hills of the Tunari mountains. Together with Naturefund she now realizes this dream.

Jimmy Razafitsalama, Project Coordinator in Madagascar

Jimmy Razafitsalama
Jimmy Razafitsalama
Photo: Missouri Botanical Garden

Jimmy Razafitsalama from Madagascar, promotes dinamic agroforestry in Madagascar to restrain nature degradation and to save biodiversity.


Tel.: +261 020 22 324 82

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