Our Team

The team consists of our office staff and our field staff.

Katja Wiese

Managing Director
"Naturefund is my lifetime dream."

Katja Wiese has always wanted to buy land for nature. As founder and managing director of Naturefund, she has been weaving Naturefund's network since 2003, joining forces to buy and protect habitats for nature worldwide.

Phone: +49 611 504 581 019

Falk Berger

IT Project Manager

Falk Berger designs and brings to life the key feature of Naturefund's work, the website, thereby creating the possibility of supporting worldwide conservation projects.

​​​​​​​Phone: +49 611 504 581 012

Isabelle Meiboom

Management Assistant

Isabelle Meiboom organizes the office management and has our management's back in all organizational matters: She answers inquiries to Naturefund, is the interface between the office and outdoor team, the first contact person for the Dynamic Agroforestry and coordinates our participatory actions. If you call Naturefund, you will probably speak to her first!


Phone: +49 611 504 581 021


Andrea Buchner, Accounting

Numbers Management

Andrea Buchner has been working with numbers for a long time. At Naturefund she can combine these talents with her passion and commitment for nature. 

Phone: +49 611 504 581 018

Martin Unfricht

Biotope conservation and project work

Martin Unfricht loves and cares for the orchards around Wiesbaden with their diversity. He is enthusiastic about regenerative agriculture, supervises the Dynamic Agroforestry Projects near Wiesbaden and the Holistic Pasture Management Project with the cow herd near Wiesbaden-Breckenheim.

Phone: +49 160 8128380

Lisette Volk


Lisette structures and organises Naturefund's marketing activities, implements them and monitors their impact. Together with the team, she wants to collect more donations for the preservation of our nature and encourage more people to actively participate.

Phone: +49 611 504 581 015


Maren Meyer

Marketing (on parental leave)

Maren Meyer structures, organizes and conceptualizes Naturefund activities as a marketing generalist. Together with our team she wants to inspire more people for this beautiful nature with strategy, plan and execution.

Phone: +49 611 504 581 015

Christine Böser

Press and Communication

Christine has many years of experience in public relations and is privately active in environmental protection. At Naturefund she can finally work full-time with the team for nature and the climate.

Phone: +49 611 504 581 013

Daria Barner

Voluntary Ecological Year

Daria Barner started a voluntary ecological year for environmental protection at Naturefund in summer 2023.

Mattes Gangolf

Voluntary Ecological Year

Mattes Gangolf started a voluntary ecological year for environmental protection at Naturefund in summer 2023.

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