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Global Strategies Global Solutions (GSGS) is a global provider of Logistics, Operational support, Education management, and Culture & Language Training services for personnel operating (or preparing to operate) outside the US. GSGS has extensive experience operating in countries in the midst of – or emerging from – conflict or political transition. Our comprehensive global network allows GSGS to leverage 
effective and efficient solutions to support any mission anywhere. GSGS is working with numerous NGOs around the world to provide an active and vibrant global network to mutually support and realize individual projects.

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Naturefund hat mit dem Blue Planet Certificate das einzige Klimazertifikat weltweit geschaffen, das sich gezielt für den Schutz von Ökosystemen einsetzt. Der Klimaschutzbeitrag fließt direkt in Aufforstungs- und Schutzprojekte von Naturefund mehr


Global Strategies Global Solutions

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