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Every single tree is significant for forests. Protect forests worldwide now!

Forests not only provide us with oxygen, improve our air quality, contribute to water and soil conservation, and ensure stable temperatures. They are also home to countless animal and plant species, and at the same time protect our climate by contributing to long-term CO₂ storage. Despite their importance, more and more forests are being destroyed, heavily fragmented by human activity, or fragmented by land grabbing.  Between 2015 and 2020, the global loss of natural forest area due to deforestation was around ten million hectares per year according to the Global Forest Condition Report 2020, just under a third of Germany. This not only makes forests more vulnerable to drought and fire, but also gradually deprives the animals that live there of their livelihoods and destroys important ecosystems.

In Germany and around the world, Naturefund plants trees to protect forests and preserve the diversity of species. With the help of your donation, we secure endangered species such as the lynx, the wildcat or the bison their threatened habitats.

For only 6 € you plant a tree and protect forests at the same time with holistic concepts for humans and nature!

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Naturefund buys land for nature and thus permanently protects habitats.

Healthy and resilient ecosystems are essential for our well-being because they provide food, clean water, protection from natural disasters and are carbon sinks. Yet despite their importance, intact natural areas in Europe continue to decline. More than 80% of habitats are in poor condition. The protection of nature and biotopes is essential to stop this development and to maintain functional ecosystem and nature functions. Regional protection measures, the transfer of endangered ecosystems into protected zones and their renaturation are significant here.

Whether wild bee meadows, orchards or the climate miracle moors. We secure, preserve and renaturalize important ecosystems of our planet. On site, our own outdoor team or local nature conservation organizations take care of the implementation of nature conservation measures. In this way, the land can be protected for nature and your contribution directly benefits the protection of species and the preservation of biodiversity.

Already from 5 € you secure the home of butterflies, cranes and Co!

Naturefund international awards

Among others with the Energy Globe Awards and the UN Decade of Biodiversity

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Transparent civil society

Naturefund follows the voluntary commitment of the "Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft" (ITZ) and publishes important figures and data on charitable work and the use of subsidies. All information can be found on our page Transparency.

Auditors and tax office confirm integrity

Successful examination of Naturefund by auditors: The association uses the donations properly for nature conservation projects. Also, the tax office certifies Naturefund its charitable.