Give away trees for climate protection

Giving trees as a gift - a sensible gift idea with which you reforest and protect the climate at the same time. With every new tree we create habitat for rare animals and plants. For as little as €6, you make the planting of a tree possible. You will receive our gift certificates as PDF by e-mail or printed and sent by mail.

Here you can find our national and international reforestation projects with the respective gift certificates.

Plant tree in Madagascar

Urkunde Madagaskar
Photo: Naturefund

In Madagascar, only about 10% of the original forest cover is now preserved. One of these last remnants of forest can be found in Ankafobe. Plants and animals threatened with extinction live here; some of them can only be found here. But slash-and-burn and logging are endangering this last remnant of rainforest. We want to prevent the forest from disappearing forever. Help us! For 6 € you plant a tree in Madagascar.

Rainforest in Costa Rica

Photo: Naturefund

In the south of Costa Rica, on the Osa Peninsula, lies the Corcovado National Park, which protects one of the last lowland rainforests in the world on 42,469 ha. Only 80 km away begins the Amistad National Park, the largest national park in Costa Rica. Naturefund, together with the Fundación de Universidad de Golfito, would like to build a green climate bridge between the two national parks and thus decisively promote the exchange of species. Help us to do this. For 6€ you plant a tree in the rainforest of Costa Rica.

Primeval forest in the Andes

Urkunde Bolivien
Photo: Naturefund

100 years ago, wild, untouched forest covered the Andes. But the forest was almost completely cut down out of ignorance and necessity. Numerous rare animals and plants lost their habitat. In 2014, Naturefund began planting the first trees in the Andes. In the meantime, we have already planted over 45,000 trees as well as built water basins to ensure water supply even in the dry season. The next goal: 60,000 trees planted. Join us! For 6€ you plant a tree in the Andes.

Save forest in Burkina Faso

Photo: Naturefund

Burkina Faso lies on the edge of the Sahel. In the dry season in spring, temperatures here are around 35 degrees. Due to climate change, the drought is also increasing here from year to year. Water is a precious commodity and limits not only food production but also the necessary reforestation of the land. To counteract this development, we are working on sustainable solutions for climate and soil. Join us! For 6€ you plant a tree in Burkina Faso.

Dynamic agroforestry in Germany

Photo: Naturefund

The decline in biodiversity, the pollution of groundwater and ever hotter and drier summers clearly show that changes are underway to which politics, but also civil society, must find answers. Together with farmers, politicians and the public, Naturefund initiates pilot projects for a new way of agriculture. The focus is on the Dynamic Agroforestry method. Join in! For 6€ you plant trees in the field.

Transparent civil society

Naturefund follows the voluntary commitment of the "Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft" (ITZ) and publishes important figures and data on charitable work and the use of subsidies. All information can be found on our page Transparency.

Auditors and tax office confirm integrity

Successful examination of Naturefund by auditors: The association uses the donations properly for nature conservation projects. Also, the tax office certifies Naturefund its charitable.

Naturefund international awards

Among others with the Energy Globe Awards and the UN Decade of Biodiversity

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