Giving away land for nature conservation

Give away land - a meaningful gift idea that preserves native biodiversity and protects nature in the long term. Already for 5€ you secure land for nature. You will receive our gift certificates as PDF by e-mail or printed and sent by mail.

Here you can find our land protection projects with the respective gift certificates.

Flowering meadow in the forest

Photo: Naturefund; Peter Schwarz

Our native flora and fauna are in danger. More and more fields and meadows are being farmed without regard for biodiversity or conservation, while the habitat for a variety of animals and plants is steadily shrinking. To change this, we are protecting a 6,800 m² flowering meadow on the edge of the Westerwald, which provides food, shelter and habitat for many native animal and plant species. Join us! For 5 € you permanently protect 2 square meters of flowering meadow!

Old fruit varieties preserved in Hesse

Urkunde Streuobst
Photo: Naturefund

Who still knows the Berlin Schafsnase, the Gravensteiner or a Jakob Lebel? Behind these illustrious names are old, aromatic apple varieties that are threatened with extinction. In Wiesbaden, too, many of these old fruit varieties grow in meadow orchards. But there are fewer and fewer of them every year. Naturefund wants to preserve the old fruit varieties and the valuable habitat of the meadow orchards. Join us! For 5 € you can permanently preserve one square meter of meadow orchard.

Bison in North Rhine-Westphalia

Photo: Naturefund

 More than 400 years ago, herds of bison roamed Germany. But the animals were hunted to the brink of extinction. Then, in 2013, a unique project began: after 400 years, the first eight bison were released into the wild in the Rothaar Mountains. The gentle giants feel at home and have now grown to a herd of around 25 animals. Help us to create more habitat for the rare bison. For 10 € you support 20 m² of wilderness for the bison.

Wild bee field in Hesse

Urkunde Blühende Wiesen
Photo: Naturefund

The diversity of insects is in danger. Not only bees, but also many other species are losing their livelihoods and food sources. One cause of this is the increase in industrial agriculture, which grows only one crop on ever larger fields. Naturefund began sowing wildflowers on various field margins around Wiesbaden in the spring of 2020. We want more wildflowers in our landscape - help us achieve this! For 5€ you can transform 2 m² of arable land into a flowering paradise.

Hamberg Moor in Lower Saxony

Urkunde Hamberger Moor
Photo: Naturefund

Peatlands are climate wonders and important habitats for biodiversity. Nevertheless, peatlands are still being destroyed - also in Germany, for example through the extraction of peat. Since 2017, Naturefund has therefore been buying peatlands in Lower Saxony to protect them from destruction. To date, we have been able to buy around 120,000 m² of moorland and secure it permanently for nature. Help us to protect more bog areas! With 5 € you protect 3 m² of moor.

Transparent civil society

Naturefund follows the voluntary commitment of the "Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft" (ITZ) and publishes important figures and data on charitable work and the use of subsidies. All information can be found on our page Transparency.

Auditors and tax office confirm integrity

Successful examination of Naturefund by auditors: The association uses the donations properly for nature conservation projects. Also, the tax office certifies Naturefund its charitable.

Naturefund international awards

Among others with the Energy Globe Awards and the UN Decade of Biodiversity

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