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Farming without deforestation and slash-and-burn? It really does work - as can be seen in our project in Madagascar. Here, we use the method of dynamic agroforestry. Read more
· · Naturefund
Deforestation is not only accompanied by the problem of erosion. Without the shade of trees, Madagascar's soils are defenceless against the sun's rays. They dry out and lose reserves of water and… Read more
Baumsetzlinge stehen auf Tisch in einer Baumschule
· · Naturefund
An important component of our reforestation project in the highland rainforest of Madagascar is the establishment of tree nurseries in which native tree species are raised. Read more
Erodierte trockene Fläche
· · Naturefund
With its flora and fauna, Madagascar is one of the most species-rich areas on earth. But for years, a real tragedy has been taking place in the land of the lemurs, because the rainforests are… Read more
Männer stehen auf einer landwirtschaftlich genutzten Parzelle im Kreis
· · Naturefund
Madagascar has 43 protected areas covering an area of 2 million hectares. These range from world natural heritage sites to biosphere reserves. Read more
Waldstreifen in ansonsten degradierter Landschaft
· · Naturefund
Many probably associate Madagascar with the idea of a dense, green jungle with lots of bright colors. But unfortunately this corresponds less and less to reality, because due to slash and burn and… Read more
Grüne Äpfel hängen an einem Ast auf einer Streuobstwiese
· · Naturefund
Would you have known that? Today, there are still about 3,000 different fruit varieties in German orchards - an immense diversity of species! But of numerous old fruit varieties that are often only… Read more
Streuobstbaum bei Sonnenaufgang
· · Naturefund
Naturefund has already been looking after the orchard meadows around Wiesbaden since 2015. A mighty number of old trees must be saved from decay and thus also from their eventual disappearance.   Read more
High water in the streets of a german city
· · World Meterological Organization
Water-related hazards dominate the list of disasters in terms of both the human and economic toll over the past 50 years, according to a comprehensive analysis by the World Meteorological Organization… Read more
Straße schlängelt sich durch Wald
· · Naturefund
Forest and species conservation are not the only intentions of our project in Costa Rica: With a protected and densely vegetated rainforest, we are also creating an amazing carbon store.   Read more

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