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First report from Bolivia from the second trip from Katja Wiese. The Andes are bare. At the agroforestry congress in Cochabamba, studies are discussed that prove how highly profitable agroforestry is. Read more
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Of the planned 10,000 trees we want to plant in the Andes, we have already achieved a third! We show you the secrets of pruning techniques from dynamic agroforestry. The second project in Bolivia is… Read more
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The dynamic agroforestry method leads to rapid reforestation, while farmers can grow food on the land at the same time. An edible forest is created. Read more
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The Tunari National Park was set up in order to protect the forests on the Eastern range of the Andes cordillera. However, the south slopes of the National Park have been cut down completely Read more
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The vicuña can be found on the IUCN's Red List of endangered animals and plant species. In its higher-lying areas, the Tunari National Park provides a habitat for vicuñas. Read more
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The project focuses on various villages on the southern slope of the Tunari National Park. This region is particularly affected by erosion and soil degradation. This results in landslides, mudslides… Read more
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Journey to the tropical lowlands. Visit various agroforestry plots. A central question: How can the knowledge of dynamic agroforestry be preserved and disseminated? Read more
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The project begins: interviews, first concrete plans on site.... Read more
Full moon in Cochabamba
· · Naturefund
Arrival in Cochabamba. The mountains of the Andes rise majestically and bare. The Mollesnejta research farm impresses with a multitude of agroforestry plots. Read more
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Preparing my visit in various Skype conferences with the local partner and learning more about Bolivia. Read more

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