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· · Naturefund
Orchard meadows are declining more and more, although the preservation of this biotope is enormously important. Today we show how you as a private person can contribute to the preservation of… Read more
Grüne Äpfel hängen an einem Ast auf einer Streuobstwiese
· · Naturefund
Would you have known that? Today, there are still about 3,000 different fruit varieties in German orchards - an immense diversity of species! But of numerous old fruit varieties that are often only… Read more
· · Naturefund
A recently published study, in which the German Weather Service was also involved, shows: Extreme weather will occur more frequently in the future as a result of climate change. Read more
· · Naturefund
Old fruit varieties are particularly healthy and have some advantages over the newer varieties from the supermarket. Find out exactly which ones and why apple allergy sufferers should definitely test… Read more
· · Naturefund
Orchard meadows: A hotspot of biodiversity and a popular local recreation and retreat area. But the populations of this biotope continue to decline. One of the main reasons: No implementation of… Read more
Streuobstbaum bei Sonnenaufgang
· · Naturefund
Naturefund has already been looking after the orchard meadows around Wiesbaden since 2015. A mighty number of old trees must be saved from decay and thus also from their eventual disappearance.   Read more
Straße schlängelt sich durch Wald
· · Naturefund
Forest and species conservation are not the only intentions of our project in Costa Rica: With a protected and densely vegetated rainforest, we are also creating an amazing carbon store.   Read more
Landwirtschaftlich genutzte Fläche, die an einem Waldrand liegt
· · Naturefund
Researchers at the Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Center Frankfurt show that biodiversity in the soil of agriculturally used meadows and pastures is highest when they are surrounded by… Read more
Tukan sitzt auf einem Ast
· · Naturefund
Bit by bit, we at Naturefund want to protect the rainforest in Costa Rica. In order to secure this unique ecosystem and the habitat of rare plants and animals, Naturefund buys rainforest areas in one… Read more
Jaguar liegt in Wald auf Baumstamm
· · Naturefund
Green corridors can promote species exchange and stabilize population densities. Read more

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