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Many forests are still being destroyed on a grand scale. Not many people are aware that one of the most endangered types of ancient forest is not in the southern hemisphere, but directly on our…

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The riparian forest near the Beuren monastery accompanies the emerging river Leine for 1,5 kilometres. Black alder, ash and willows hang low over the water surface. Over the centuries, the area was… Read more
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„Sedge reeds“ tend to be dense vegetations growing in wetlands and in the accretion zones of waterbodies. Common bulrush, sedge and cotton grass form a dense field, which is habitat for grasshopper… Read more
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The colourful kingfisher lives near natural rivers and streams. He breeds in tunnels, which he digs deep into waterside bluffs. These bluffs, however, have become rare in Germany. Read more
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Together with the NABU Obereichsfeld, Naturefund aims to conserve a pristine riparian forest. More about this unique natural habitat here. Read more
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Naturefund, together with HGON Main-Kinzig purchased a 7.890 square metre piece of land where beavers live. The beaver was once extinct in Hesse. Thanks to a resettlement of 18 beavers 25 years ago… Read more
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In 1987 and 1988 a trial resettlement was started. Eighteen beavers from the river Elbe were successfully introduced to the Sinn and Jossa rivers in Upper Hesse Read more
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Small lower mountain streams often still flow very fast. As a result they have a characteristic water surface structure with many stones and gravel Read more
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When beavers hold back the flow of natural water with their dams they often flood surrounding grasslands and fields. A wet fallow appears which not only provides food for the beaver but also habitats…

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For months we have been working on a new contract between Naturefund and the Asociación Patuca. During many discussions, we composed a step by step contract and Read more

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