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At the end of her journey Katja is visiting the highland of Ankafobe. It really looks horrible. Just a very small piece of the beautiful highland rainforest has survived and it is still in constant… Read more
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During the last few days Katja was traveling a lot. She was visiting the different pilot parcels, spread all over Madagascar. Read more
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On her 4th and 5th day of her journey, Katja Wiese is going into the rain forest. During a meeting with Tsiry and their members she presents the method of dynamic agroforestry. Read more
On the 3rd day we are starting project planning with our local partners. There is a lot to organize, and besides, these days it is time for networking. Read more
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On my 2. day in Madagascar I am in the capital Antananarivo. I have to withdraw money because the next few days I will pass in the country and will visit the office of MBG. Read more
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Katja Wiese from Naturefund visits the project of afforestation in Madagascar for 2 weeks. In the next few days she is going to report in this blog about her journey, about the project and about her… Read more
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For the first time in Honduras a Harpy Eagle has been seen with offspring. The second largest bird in the world hides itself away in the dense jungles of Middle and South America and is extremly… Read more
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Around 1.400 types of deadwood beetle are known in Germany. Most of them are becoming more and more rare and are endangered species. In our cultivated forests there is a lack of standing and fallen… Read more
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Naturefund, together with the Nature Conservation Foundation David wants to purchase 140,000 square metres (14 hectares) of beech forest in North East Thuringia Read more
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There is an archaic atmosphere when the roaring red deer wander their way through the old deciduous forest in the Hohe Schrecke in September. Everything seems to come together: the inception of the…

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