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Yes, we sow ideas and they fall on fertile ground. At the same time, we are sowing ideas in a country that is moving towards a dictatorship. Read more
· · Naturefund
Katja has only been on the road in Bolivia for a few days, but apart from walking on created areas, she is already scattering ideas again and it will… Read more
· · Naturefund
Katja's travel blog from 23.1.2017: About a little time out in paradise, the beauty of the Andes and starting work in Cochabamba. Read more
· · Naturefund
At the end of November the agroforestry congress took place in Arani, Bolivia. Thanks to generous donors, 25 small farmers were able to participate… Read more
· · Naturefund
How sustainable agriculture positively affects the life of Bolivian farmer Alejandro Rojas. Read more
· · Naturefund
Katja Wiese from Naturefund travelled to Bolivia to evaluate the reforestation project. In the meantime, there is great interest in the dynamic… Read more
· · Naturefund
The last days of the trip to Bolivia have dawned. Three impressions remain: the atmosphere, the project and the dream that connects everything. Read more
· · Naturefund
Visit to three villages where we have established 13 agroforestry plots. We talk to the farmers and they tell us enthusiastically about their… Read more
· · Naturefund
First report from Bolivia from the second trip from Katja Wiese. The Andes are bare. At the agroforestry congress in Cochabamba, studies are discussed… Read more
· · Naturefund
Of the planned 10,000 trees we want to plant in the Andes, we have already achieved a third! We show you the secrets of pruning techniques from… Read more

Reforestation in the Andesin Bolivia

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