Save old fruit trees in Wiesbaden

Appletree in autumn
Appletree in autumn
Photo: Naturefund

More than 40,000 fruit trees are growing in Wiesbaden. But the old fruit trees are often no longer maintained and die. With them rare fruits and an important habitat for native species are disappearing. We look after the old trees and plant new trees. With 5 € you can help us!

Threatened paradise on our doorstep

In Hesse's state capital Wiesbaden there are more than 40,000 fruit trees on orchards. Such orchards make a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Many owners can no longer take care of the trees and meadows themselves. The old fruit trees gradually die and with them disappear well adapted native varieties.

Many old fruit varieties have been produced over hundreds of years and are an important gene resource for generations to come. Various studies have shown that the content of antioxidants and polyphenols in old fruit varieties is up to 1/3 higher than in newer varieties. In addition, old apple varieties are particularly well tolerated for allergy sufferers. These include for example, the gold parmains (created around 1500 in France), the gold ring baron von Berlepsch (bred in 1880) or the Gravensteiner (known since 1669).

Scattered fruit also has an important ecological significance. It provides habitat for many endangered animals and plants. On orchards, more than 1,900 species of animals can be found. Of these, 90% are insects such as grasshoppers, bees, bumblebees and rare butterflies. In addition, 60 different bird species breed here, including for example Green Woodpecker, Little Owl and Nuthatch.

Already from 5 € protect native nature

Naturefund started in 2012 with the Streuobstkreis Wiesbaden e. V., the BUND Wiesbaden and many other organizations an initiative to preserve the valuable orchards. We regularly organize fruit orchards, where we take care of the fruit trees together with volunteers. We cut the trees, bushes, eliminate mistletoes and plant new saplings of old fruits.

Join in! For only 5 € you can get 1 m² of orchard meadow in the long term. For 25 € plant a tree seedling of an old fruit variety.


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