A place for wild bees

Kornblume mit Gast
Kornblume mit Gast
Photo: Alfred Westenberger

A field just for bees? A great idea, Naturefund and toom DIY store quickly agreed on that. That's why a very special wild bee field is now being created in Wiesbaden-Auringen: in a colourful nesting and feeding habitat that brings the buzz to Auringen.

Wild bee field against the death of insects

There are many insects on earth. They may be small, but together they weigh 17 times as much as all humans combined. But they are getting fewer and fewer. In the last 25 to 30 years, 80% of insect biomass has disappeared. The Guardian cited a study in early February 2019 that makes a frightening prediction: At the current rate of loss, the entire insect world could be virtually gone in just a decade. This would mean a collapse of almost all ecosystems.

There is simply no place for bees in our society. Naturefund wants to change this. To do this, we sown wildflowers on various strips of field margins around Wiesbaden and on three field in spring 2020.On these a real splendor of wild flowers is now blooming, much to the delight of the insects.It hums, flutters and crawls wherever you look.

Flowering meadow, nesting places and bee perennials

On 60.000 m² large and small bees have found a home and food and will continue to do so. A flowering meadow adapted to the local conditions offers pollen and nectar for every taste from spring to autumn. Further structures are created with perennial plantings from the toom beekeepers' range, which provide both food and nesting facilities.

Many wild bees, however, do not nest in plants at all but in self-drilled tubes in open ground. For this reason, sandbanks were heaped up at the edge of the field in summer 2019. These must be kept free of vegetation so that sand or furrow bees can nest there in the following years. Vertical break-off edges as nesting places for fur and silk bees and a dry wall for wool- and leaf-cutter bees make the field a bee paradise.

Help us to transform even more areas into a blooming insect paradise! With 5 € you enable us to turn 2 m² into a flowering area for wild bees & Co.!

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Field for wild beesin Germany

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