Trainer training in dynamic agroforestry

Start of the trainer training October 2019 Photo: Naturefund

More and more people are interested in the cultivation method Dynamic Agroforestry. Naturefund now offers a trainer training course.

Trainer training

Dynamic agroforestry is a reforestation and cultivation method based on the knowledge of the indigenous peoples of Latin America. With this method, a dynamic plant system is established, which leads to healthy plants, a high yield and increased resilience to drought and heavy rainfall. Dynamic agroforestry is thus a response to the challenges of climate change, and the demand for support in its implementation by farmers, urban planners and many others is increasing.

There are still few trainers and consultants in Germany. Naturefund is therefore now offering trainer training in this method.


There are currently three training modules:

  1. Principles of Dynamic Agroforestry (DAF),
  2. Management and maintenance of an agroforestry plot,
  3. Strategic planning and implementation in different ecosystems.

If you want to start the trainer training, you must have attended or commit to attend at least two modules. Currently these modules are offered in seminars of one week each in the ecovillage Sieben Linden in Saxony-Anhalt. Further seminars at other locations are under construction.

The training consists of a theoretical and a practical part. In the practical part you will install a DAF plot and supervise it for at least 12 months.

Start of training

  1. To participate in the training, please register with your name and e-mail address at agroforst(at) 
  2. Symbolically, we also expect you to plant a tree seedling on a DAF plot. Alternatively, you can send us a seed of a tree species of your choice.
  3. Naturefund will set up your own folder in the Naturefund Cloud.

Plot of 25 m²

  1. You have a minimum area of 25 m² at your disposal, which you can plant according to the principles of dynamic agroforestry. You will develop a planting plan for this plot, which you will upload to our Naturefund cloud and coordinate with the trainer.
  2. If the trainer agrees with your planting plan, you will start to set up the plot. You can do this on your own or together with someone who will also start the trainer training.
  3. From then on, it is all about care and observation. To this end, we expect a monthly report from you, which, including photos, should cover at least two pages. In addition, each month you will write a portrait on a topic of your choice. This can be a specific plant, an animal or the soil. The length of the portrait is limited to one page. You upload these files to the cloud between the 20th and 30th of each month.
  4. It is also important that you install a wooden pole or stone from which you regularly take pictures of the area. In this way, progress can always be documented from the same perspective.

In addition, a Skype call can be arranged once a month where questions and other concerns can be discussed. In order to become more familiar with the individual topics of Dynamic Agroforestry, we are also planning webinars in the long term.

First and second year

The aim of this practical application is for you to get to know the basic principles of DAF, become familiar with them and become increasingly confident in the design and maintenance of dynamic plant systems. After our experience with more than 500 participants, you will be amazed and excited about how well plants and soil develop. It will not only be work, you will also have a rich yield.

The training will take two years. You are free to divide up the time you need to look after the DAF area. It is important that you adhere to the time frame mentioned above, e.g. writing a report every month.

  1. In total we will accompany you for two years. In the first year you will be an assistant for Dynamic Agroforestry. Already in the second year you will assist two people in setting up new DAF plots.
  2. With Naturefund you will also acquire the necessary didactic skills during your training. For this we will offer two morning and two afternoon courses.
  3. Seminars on the topic of dynamic agroforestry take place at regular intervals. One day before the seminar you can take part in an intensive training in the trainer training and afterwards you are welcome to assist on site. The costs for you in the trainer training amount to 10 € per day.
  4. After two years of training you have made it - congratulations! You are a DAF Junior Trainer.

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