Seminars in Dynamic Agroforestry

Dynamic agroforestry on the Scheuerhof
Photo: Naturefund

Curious about the innovative cultivation method? Naturefund offers training seminars in Dynamic Agroforestry in cooperation with the Scheuerhof in Wittlich.

Dynamic agroforestry

Dynamic agroforestry is an afforestation and cultivation method in which crops and companion plants are grown on the same area. The principle is "contact not control" and involves contacting, observing and using naturally occurring synergies in nature. 

What is the nature of the plant system in question and what signals do the plants send? How does dynamic agroforestry fit into the local ecosystem? What needs to be taken into account during planning? All these questions and more are included in cultivation with dynamic agroforestry. The aim is to learn from nature in all its complexity and to use the resulting knowledge for one's own cultivation in dynamic agroforestry. The resulting dynamic planting system is characterised, among other things, by healthy plants, a high yield and a high level of biodiversity. 

Seminars in Dynamic Agroforestry

The seminars are aimed at a wide variety of interest groups ranging from gardeners, municipalities and cities to farmers, foresters and the curious who want to get a first practical impression of the method. Everyone who wants to learn something about the cultivation method is welcome at the seminars!

Introduction in theory and practice

From 23 to 24 April 2022

Both the theoretical introduction and the practical acquaintance with dynamic agroforestry will be taught in this seminar over one day each. The seminar will focus on the three principles of diversity, density and the pruning of plants, which will also be demonstrated in practice by means of a dynamic agroforestry series on the Scheuerhof. Principles of interaction and synergies between different species and crops, the natural succession sequence, the improvement of soil fertility and much more are also topics. The second day will then focus on the practical implementation of Dynamic Agrofost by planning and planting a plot according to the principles.

For more information on the course and to register, click here.

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