Seminars and training in dynamic agroforestry

Establishing a plot of land at the first seminar in the eco-village Sieben Linden
Photo: Naturefund

Naturefund offers seminars on dynamic agroforestry. However, due to the current situation, no seminars are being held. We will inform you as soon as they can be repeated.

Training in dynamic agroforestry

In 2020 there will again be the opportunity to learn the sustainable cultivation method Dynamic Agroforestry in Germany. The training takes place in three seminars, Module I, Module II and Module III, each lasting five days.

Módulo I - Curso intensivo

Module I teaches the central basic elements of dynamic agroforestry, such as the importance of biodiversity and the function of trees, principles of interaction and synergies of different species and cultures, the natural succession sequence, maintain and improve soil fertility and much more.

At the end of Module I each participant will be able to create his or her own dynamic agroforestry plot.

Module II: The right care

Module II is about management and maintenance of an agroforestry plot. Correct plant pruning is one of the basic requirements for a functioning agroforestry system. It moderates the plant system, creates light in a targeted manner and produces biomass which is distributed on the soil and supplies it with nutrients. In addition, the interaction between plants is taught and how this can be used for cultivation.

Module III : Strategic planning and implementation in different ecosystems

Dynamic agroforestry is a permanent process of interaction between plants and species in the system. What is the nature of the respective plant system and what signals do the plants and species send? How does Dynamic Agroforestry fit into the local ecosystem? What must be taken into account in planning and timing? What are the most important measures to react to diseases and special events such as drought, heavy rainfall? Initial exercises will also be learned how to explain and pass on DAF.

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