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Flowering meadows in Hesse, a primeval forest in the Andes and many more projects - here you can find an overview of all our projects.

Klimawald Kölnin Germany

Finished: January 1970

Special: A new forest is being created in the unique green belt of cologne.

Partner: toom Baumarkt, ISOVER

Target: 35,000


Waldsaumin Germany

Finished: June 2021

Special: artenreiche Übergangszone

Partner: Naturefund Projekt

Target: 1,400


Wilde Wiesein Germany

Finished: April 2019

Special: 12 ha blooming paradise for the insect world

Partner: Bonduelle Deutschland GmbH

Target: 125,274


The Reifenberg meadowsin Germany

Finished: August 2016

Special: The Lilagold firefly & the true Arnica occur here.

Partner: Apollo e. V. und HGON

Target: 20,000


Rumänienin Romania

Finished: January 1970

Special: First field trial in Eastern Europe.

Partner: GreenEducare

Target: 1,000


Costa Rica reforestationin Costa Rica

Finished: September 2015

Special: Preservation of coastal rainforests.

Partner: Fundación de la Universidad de Golfito

Target: 1,000


Rainforestin Honduras

Finished: April 2015

Special: The last great rainforest of Central America

Partner: Asociación Patuca

Target: 105,283


Old Beech Forestin Germany

Finished: January 2015

Special: Beech forest, close to the nearly natural virgin forest.

Partner: Naturstiftung David

Target: 157,781


Niedermoorin Germany

Finished: January 1970

Special: The curlew is breeding here.

Partner: Donaumoos Zweckverband

Target: 57,000


Poor grasslandin Germany

Finished: October 2014

Special: Habitat for the rare red-backed shrike.

Partner: HGON

Target: 7,898