GreenWebspace joins in!

Our image of the present as well as the future is shaped by the belief in the positive shaping power of individuals and collectives, which makes it possible for ecosystems including us humans to be supported by the appreciation of the wonderful diversity of this planet and a cooperative coexistence. To this end, we rely on Naturefund as a partner for truly sustainable action.

In order to create more awareness for climate protection and to promote sustainable action, especially in the IT sector, investments in innovative reforestation projects are our way of making the internet greener together with our customers. The servers of our climate-friendly and DSVGO-compliant online communication, storage and collaboration solutions are powered exclusively by green electricity. The in-house certificate makes your website 100% CO2 neutral. Step by step into a world in which the internet only causes as many CO2 emissions as the forests can compensate.

Roger Riedmatten, founder and CEO: "Around 30,178 animal and plant species are now considered endangered. The massive increase in CO2 emissions caused by internet use also contributes to this. Together we can change something - Lets Green The Web Together!

GreenWebspace is a member of the Gemeinwohlökonomie.

Joint project:

Rainforest in Madagascar