Hand in Hand-Fonds joins in!

The Hand in Hand Fund of the Deutsche Umwelthilfe and Rapunzel Naturkost supports the Madagascar project of Naturefund.

Since 1998, Hand in Hand-Fund has been helping NGO projects (non-governmental organizations) around the world to achieve a more equitable world and livable environment, fair trade and organic farming.In 2012, the Naturefund project "Building a seed database on Madagascar" is funded to secure the unique biodiversity on the fifth largest island in the world.The locals are to be trained to make a living by growing and selling local produce such as vanilla, cloves and cocoa.An agroforestry project is part of the commitment of Naturefund and its local partners.

Joseph Wilhelm von Rapunzel Naturkost: "Hand in hand to make the future worth living - that is the recipe for success for a worldwide sustainable development on our planet."

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