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· · KEEP
Naturefund started with the local nature conservation organisation KEEP a tree enrichment initiative around Kakamega Tropical Rain Forest. The report for the first phase January to March 2010 Read more
· · Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Tapping renewable energy sources, capturing and storing of industrial emissions of carbon dioxide and improving energy efficiency are pivotal for holding Read more
· · Naturefund project detail
Wet meadows that are full of different species consist of an interaction of small ponds, marshy ground and meadow areas with large and small plants. Earlier, large wild animals did the ‘mowing’, and... Read more
· · Naturefund project detail
Ponds are natural points where water accumulates, that have varying levels of water. Due to the combination of dry, wet and muddy areas, important habitats are formed for amphibians, insects and above... Read more
· · Naturefund project detail
The Lapwing is a meadow bird. A meadow bird is a bird species that settles in the above-mentioned wet grassland, breeds on the ground and raises their young there. Read more
· · Naturefund project info
Naturefund, together with the Hessische Gesellschaft für Ornithologie und Naturschutz e. V. (HGON), bought a wet meadow in Kinzigtal for conversion back into a Lapwing biotope that is full of... Read more
· · Ho Avy
Together with Ho Avy, New Latitute and FIMPAHARA, Naturefund has begun a reforestation project in southwest Madagascar. In October 2009 the first tree nursery Read more
· · Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
In the wake of the Copenhagen climate conference, which ended without a clear mandate for global climate protection, the new book Global Sustainability - A Nobel Cause, published by Cambridge... Read more
· · Ho Avy
The Ho Avy project, based in southwest Madagascar, focuses on safeguarding biodiversity and people’s livelihoods for a sustainable future. 'Ho Avy' means 'future' in the Malagasy language Read more
· · Naturefund project detail
A clear, clean and most of all unspoilt river is difficult to find nowadays. However, with their rich riverbank vegetation and pristine floodplains, streams provide habitat for many different species. Read more

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