Increasing Pollution

Air pollution
Photo: Naturefund

We unload our garbage in our environment. This pollutes our environment right around us. And we experience a global form of pollution from the many exhaust fumes that we blow into the atmosphere and that has global implications.

Air pollution - a global problem

The sensitive layer of air around the earth is filled with our fumes. At the same time we fell trees, pave over natural land and as a result disturb the natural climatic cycles of the planet.

Climatic changes have occurred in other ages before ours, for example global warming. However many such changes developed naturally over thousands of years and the life-forms had time to adapt.

Adaptation possible?

Even complex habitats such as forests can adjust, but this happens very slowly. Tree seeds are carried great distances by wind or by animals. As it gets warmer, those seeds that are carried beyond the edge of a forest into colder areas will grow well. As a result of global warming, a forest can then from generation to generation and over hundreds of years 'migrate' to cooler areas.

Today the climate change process is occurring very quickly and many organisms are unable to adapt to this pace. Further complicating this situation are human settlements, which create barriers to such natural adaptation processes of plants and animals.

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