Biochar - The cleaning sponge of nature

Photo: Naturefund

The videos linked here deal with a special facet of biochar - a function that will not immediately come to mind for everyone: as a means of remediating polluted soil and as a purification filter for collected rainwater.

Lecturer Dr. Gerhard Soja from BOKU Vienna shows in the first linked video the potential of biochar for the remediation of contaminated industrial soils and explains that different uses require different types of biochar.

In another video, Ilmo Kolehmainen from Carbons Finland Oy Ldt. from Finland presents approaches for the treatment of urban rainwater with biochar. The presentation will be held in English.

Biochar is characterized by its highly porous structure. This results in an enormous specific surface of sometimes more than 300 m² per gram. Due to this property, biochar can absorb up to five times its own weight in water and the substances dissolved in it.

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Biochar in the management of rainwater
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Biochar for soil decontamination